Insurance cover for Life, Income, Serious Accidents and Major Illness

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The cost of protecting yourself, your loved ones or your business is small compared to the comfort it will provide you and your family at a time of need.

Most people make the effort to insure their cars, home and personal effects, yet neglect to insure assets that have a far greater value. These assets include such things as your health, your loved ones and your income.

It is crucial to consider the financial impact of death, disability or serious illness on you, your family and your business. For this reason Personal insurance protection is an integral part of any financial plan.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your most important asset (car, home, income, your health, family..)?
  • Of the above mentioned assets, which do you have insured?
  • With your current insurance arrangements, how will you or your family cope should you or any other family member suffer an accident, serious illness or death?
  • How much money would you and your loved ones need to pay for medical expenses, ongoing commitments, manage debt..?

Actions to Consider