Retirement Planning

retirement planning

The longer you delay your retirement plan, the harder it will be to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Retirement should be your time to do the things you always wanted.

As a result of better medical and health care facilities many Australians are living longer. The aging population and associated drain on the welfare system means governments are increasingly expecting people to plan for their own futures and rely less on government assistance.

This means that when you retire and income derived from traditional sources ceases it must be replaced by income drawn from your investments, including superannuation.
To ensure a stress free and financially independent retirement, careful preparation and financial planning is required.

Retirement planning should begin way before you leave the workforce. Ideally you should have a good financial plan in place at least 20 years before you retire. Your wealth can then be rolled over into retirement.

Unfortunately, managing and protecting your wealth and retirement plan in today’s highly complex and legislative environment can be difficult. At Active Wealth Managers our aim is to advise you:

  • The pre-retirement strategies appropriate for your needs— Where you should invest your money (super and/or non super investments)
  • How to maximise your retirement income streams in a tax effective manner
  • How to maximise Centrelink entitlements
  • How to preserve your capital

Actions to Consider