Getting By If Your Income Stops


Ask yourself this. Would you still be able to pay for your everyday living expenses if you weren’t able to work? A serious injury or illness could put you out of work for months. If you don’t have any other way of earning an income, this could put you and your family under a lot of financial stress.

Your salary may stop but the bills won’t

Without a salary, you may not be able to stay on top of everyday living expenses like mortgage or rental payments, groceries, electricity and petrol.

Not having enough money to pay your bills places an enormous amount of stress on you and your family. Without any other way of earning an income, you may need to fall back on government benefits through Centrelink. While this may provide just enough to get you by, your financial situation will be very strained. And financial pressures are the last thing you need, when you’re trying to recover from an injury or illness.

Protect your income

You can avoid the risk of not having enough money to live on, by having income insurance, also known as income protection. This insurance, replaces your income for a certain period, if you can’t work due to temporary disability or illness.

You may be able to receive up to 75% of your taxable income, plus the 9% superannuation guarantee. This benefit will continue to be paid, until your benefit period expires, or you are able to return to work.

Tax benefits

Income protection insurance premiums are usually 100% tax deductible. This means that if your marginal tax rate is 30%, your overall income will reduce by $31.50, for every $100 that you pay in premium.

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